A comparison between fossil fuels and biomass fuels

Fossil fuels are disappearing fast and there are researchers and scientists who are tearing their hair out to find an alternative. Out of the alternatives found so far, the best alternative with non-exhaustive or unending resources is the biomass wood or the biomass fuel. It is great for the Earth as well, because it is like scavenging on the waste material for the good of all, especially mankind.

Biomass fuel

The remains of wood and wastes collected from animals are utilized to produce energy and can be used as combustive materials also; these are collectively known as biomass fuel. There are many major producers of biomass supplements such as Ecostrat. In addition to animal waste and wood, biomass fuel is also produced with the municipal wastes, but this resource is helpful to produce only a little amount of fuel with a huge amount of waste. However, this is also encouraged by the biomass fuel suppliers as we need every small amount of energy to survive and develop.

Fossil fuel

The organic matter such as dead animals and fallen trees gets decomposed inside the Earth; they will be converted into useful fuels or resources for mankind such as coal, crude oil, natural, heavy oils and so on. All these type of naturally available organic decomposed resources come under the category fossil fuel. Mankind is heavily dependent on the fossil fuels and this has increased over the past two centuries because of speedy development in transportation and industrial growth.

The best out of the two

  • Fossil fuels, as of now, are found only in a few major places around the globe and require special industries or companies to extract them from the soil. On the contrary, biomass wood or biomass fuel sources can be found anywhere as they are taken from livestock and trees.
  • There is no comparison to fossil fuels when it comes to production of energy as the combustion levels are really high. One cannot say the same about biomass fuels, but one thing that is certain is that the CO2 emission is less in this type of fuel.
  • In comparison to biomass fuels, fossil fuels are needed in less quantity to produce energy or gasoline or fire. However, the scarcity of the fossil fuels is what makes others to contact biomass fuel suppliers. Further, the biomass fuels are in the initial stages of implementation and surely they will reach the same or near potentiality of the fossil fuels in the future.
  • The prices of fossil fuels touch the roof and in the future they will break the roof to touch the sky. It is because of the fact that they are getting rarer by the minute. Further, their extraction and transportation also demands huge cost, which makes them very pricey. Whereas, biomass fuel is easy to produce and when compared to the hectic task of the fossil fuel extraction companies, it is very easy to get them.

Fossil fuels have played an important role in the development of mankind, but we have to move to better alternatives because of their decreasing levels.

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