How to Find a Job in Malaysia

The economy of South Asia is growing very quickly; in many respects, it is growing even faster than it grew in the late 1980s and early 1990s when many Western businesses were rushing into South Asia to open businesses. As the economy grows, it creates even more industries. The injection of one or two important skilled sectors can create businesses that follow along. For example, the injection of a skilled labour industry will also create many construction and food service jobs. That’s currently happening in Malaysia. There are many job opportunities opening up in Malaysia for people who have desirable skills. There are a range of low-skilled to high-skilled jobs available. Finding a job in Malaysia can be as simple as looking through a website that catalogues available jobs and finding one that matches your skills.

Your Skills

Your ability to find a job that matches your skills will depend on which skills you have. There are many skills that are more popular and in higher demand than others. The ability to speak different languages is a highly sought-after skill for businesses. For some businesses, being able to speak multiple languages is something that they find to be very helpful. At other businesses, it’s actually one of the job requirements. That’s especially true if you’re looking to find job vacancies in Shah Alam.

As an important cultural and industrial centre, Shah Alam is very diverse. There are many multi-national customers and clients that a business must deal with. To work with those customers and clients, businesses in the area often search for people who can speak multiple languages. Written and oral English is often considered a requirement. Speaking the native language of Malaysia is also very helpful. Because of the rapidly growing Chinese market and its close proximity to Malaysia, the ability to speak Mandarin is in constant demand. Those who can speak English and Mandarin are very valuable employees.

English and Mandarin aren’t the only languages. Some businesses want employees who can speak any range of languages. That will allow them to expand into new markets. If you speak a different language, especially an Asian language, you could be a prime candidate for many jobs.

Other Skills

There are many other skills that are in high demand at Malaysian businesses. One of them is the ability to work with various computer programs. Almost everything at a 21st-century business is computerised. You’ll need to be able to work with electronic files and deal with Internet needs as well. That means being able to market online, communicate through social media, and work with a website. If you can do those things, you will have a much better chance of finding a job in Malaysia.

Some skills are intangible. The ability to connect with people is important to managing a business’s communications. That’s generally part of having a positive outlook on life and a friendly attitude. Though it might not seem that way, it’s something of a skill in itself. It is highly useful for a business.